The Plan

If you read from "now" down to the beginning, you can't help but notice that our "plans" have gone through substantial change... this is what they mean when they say "cruising plans are written in the sand at low tide":

Under construction...

June, 2015:  Pelagia is on a freighter heading home to BC waters. We are home in BC, waiting to meet Pelagia. Pelagia will moored at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

January 2015:
We will be shipping Pelagia home on the deck of a freighter (Sevenstar transport) sometime in May, 2015. This will allow us to cruise BC waters as early as June. (Shipping gets us home sooner, and saves considerable wear-n-tear on the boat and us!) We expect to be moored again at the Vancouver Rowing Club, while living in Whistler. So looking forward to returning to British Columbia waters!

We will cruise the South/Central Sea of Cortez (La Paz to Loreto and perhaps Bahia Conception) in late March and April.

July 2014:
Big decisions....

We will cruise Mexico again this Fall/Winter/Spring 2014/2015 -- with a trip home to Whistler for skiing -- and work to get Pelagia home this coming Spring/Summer 2015. How (ship her or sail her) we get Pelagia home still up in the air.

Sometime Summer 2015, we will "stay put", living in Whistler and cruising British Columbia.

January 2014:

Decision made! We are leaving Pelagia at Marina Mazatlan for the Summer, and coming home in May. Expect to stay until September, when we will return to Mexico and resume our Mexico cruising for another season.

What we will do after that is still up in the air.


December 2013:

OK, we've achieved our first goal/plan: we have made it some 2000 nautical miles down to La Paz, BCS. However, we can honestly say we don't know what our plans are for the next 1-2 years!

Possibilities include:
  • stay (more than) a full year in Mexico (i.e., 2 cruising seasons), then sail across the Pacific (March/April 2015) to French Polynesia
  • stay 'til March/April 2014 in Mexico, then sail across the Pacific (March/April 2014) to French Polynesia
  • stay a full year in Mexico (i.e., 2 seasons), then somehow get Pelagia home to British Columbia (by sailing to Hawaii, or shipping her home by sea or land, or, least likely, by  bashing back up the coast)
  • somehow get Pelagia home this Summer (2014) -- by one of the above routes
Who knows...?

(What we do know is that if we stay 2 seasons in Mexico, we will fly home for a while.)

Written summer 2013:
Late Summer 2013 (August 26th?), we plan to sail from Vancouver, via California, down to Mexico. In the Spring of 2014, we may head out across the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas (French Polynesia) and beyond, or we may stay a second season in Mexico. We'll decide next Winter.
Pelagia's 2013-2015 possible route(s)

We had planned to leave in 2012, but life (and condo upgrading) intervened....

[Update: condo renovation project completed (Dec 2012); condo now for sale (Mar 2013); condo SOLD (completed May, 2013)]

Our current plans are to get Pelagia ready through to Summer 2013, sail some during this time (Summer 2012, Spring/Summer 2013), deal with the condo during this time(SOLD), and come August 2013, sail south to Mexico, via California. After that...?

In between, we plan to (i) crew on SV Sapphire to San Francisco [done; Sept 2012] , (ii) return to Nepal for another trek (or two) [done; Oct/Nov 2012],  (iii) travel in SE Asia [done; Nov/Dec 2012] and (iv) do some skiing at Whistler [done, Jan-Apr 2013].

Of course, all sailing plans are "written in the sand (at low tide)".

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