Saturday, 26 May 2012

'Been out sailing in May

We haven't disappeared. Just not been writing. Not been working on boat much either; instead, we've been enjoying Pelagia.

So far this May, we've been out on Pelagia three times:

(i) 3-night trip to Howe Sound, including Artaban and Plumper Cove. Good weather, with nice sail back to Vancouver from Plumper.

(ii) Day sail in English Bay for our club's (Vancouver Rowing Club)  annual "Sail Past" . Oh so sunny, with nice 10 kn NW winds, making for a great sail past and great sail; party after was prety good too!

(iii)  5-night trip over to Gulf Islands. Tried initially to sail late afternoon over to Porlier Pass, but wind (NW) and seas (1-2 m) were uncomfortable in Georgia Strait, and we kept getting headed sailing (first, we could not hold course for Porlier, so we tried for Active Pass, then even that was too tight as we headed towards the airport) -- so we tacked and sailed to Howe Sound, eventually in to Artaban (almost always a safe bet) for 1 night. Next day, seas were calm, and we had a nice sail (half way) across the Strait to Porlier, and then motored to anchor at the north(west) beach of Montague Harbour.

After 2 nights (sunny days, calm nights) there, we moved over to the VRC docks at Ganges (Saltspring Island) for 2 nights. At the end, we motored up to Porlier Pass, and then had a great sail all the way across Georgia Strait right in to Stanley Park.

We finally brought our new folding bikes on the boat with us (still need to work on best location for storage). Tried a bike ride on Galiano Island (from Montague Harbour) -- oh my, what a VERY hilly island! A little too much. Next, we tried biking on Saltspring Island (from Ganges). Much, much better. Went on a very nice ride from Ganges, to Fernwood, around St. Mary's Lake, then back to  Ganges. Although initially very hilly, most of the trip was quite comfortable. Very enjoyable.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Weekend Sail to Howe Sound

Last weekend (April 27-29) we had a quick cruise over to Artaban (Port Graves) in Howe Sound.

Nice sailing half the distance over; motored back.

This post is really just an excuse to try posting my first attempt at a brief video (sorry, it is not so great quality and a little boring... got to learn/try somehow,eh?)

A short clip gently sailing past Lighthouse Park towards Howe Sound.