Where are we now?

Winter: Pelagia in Vancouver while David & Michelle ski at Whistler
Spring/Summer: Pelagia cruises British Columbia

November 2016-May 2017: Home at Whistler, SKIING! (Pelagia is in Vancouver.)

May-June 2016: We are on Pelagia heading "North" for a while.
June 2015: We are home in Whistler. Pelagia is now home in British Columbia, moored at the Vancouver Rowing Club (it was shipped home via freighter MV Tiberborg in June 2015).

February-March 2015: Trip home to Whistler for skiing (Pelagia in La Paz)

December, 2014 - May 2015: We have left Mazatlan and have returned to La Paz, BCS, where we will cruise the Southern Sea of Cortez this Winter/Spring.

Links corrected November 2014...
We are now sending in "position reports" to WINLINK  (when we are out cruising) and sometimes YOTREPS. These reports are visible on a map on the web 

NOTE: Position reports for June 2015 show freighter MV Tiberborg's position heading north to BC (Pelagia is on board).

PREFERRED (SHIPTRACK combines both WINLINK and YOTREPS positions):
View Pelagia's Position Reports (SHIPTRACK) -- ALL posts

View Pelagia's Position Reports (SHIPTRACK) -- Posts in the past 30 days (may be empty)

View Pelagia's Position Reports (Winlink 2000)

View Pelagia's Position Reports on YOTREPS 

VIEW OUR "LIVE" POSITION ON AIS (only if we have been moving within past 3 days)


Notes re AIS: 
  • Don't worry if we do not show up on AIS. AIS only works while we are on the move. Importantly, there must be shore stations nearby to receive our signal
  • The link above for "marinetraffic" in one of very many online sources for live AIS. It doesn't always work, so try another source, using our MMSI number:  316014173 

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