Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Out for the count (and the season): the ACL-MCL blues...

Looks peaceful, but... it's the N2O and ketamine

A small fall on a relatively easy run (Expresso)... the result appears to be torn MCL and ACL* of Michelle's right knee.

Extremely painful for Michelle, the Whistler-Blackcomb ski patrol were excellent. Nitrous Oxide helped but not enough for Michelle's pain; Dr. Chad arrived with ketamine which did the trick for the toboggan ride down to Blackcomb Base II.

Then a short ride by BC Ambulance Service to the Whistler Health Clinic, both excellent.  Fast, understanding and knowledgeable. Pain managed well.

A huge thank you to WB Ski Patrol (Jimmy, Dan and Dr. Chad), Blackcomb Safety Volunteers, the Whistler Paramedics, and the Whistler Health Clinic staff. We're lucky to be here.

First physiotherapy session today and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Michelle is tough and a fast healer. We'll see how it goes, but pretty certain that's it for Michelle's ski season.

Not exactly "happy campers", but moving forward.  What else are you gonna do?

* possibly great news today (Dec7th): Orthopedic surgeon says physical exam indicates: (i) MCL is a partial (2°) tear and, even better, (ii) Michelle's ACL does not appear to be torn. Surgery likely not indicated -- we'll know better at follow-up in 5 weeks time (after MCL more healed).