Saturday, 22 October 2016

Off for a trek in Nepal

Annapurna South (from Tadapani, November, 2002)

During the interregnum (the time between our king/queen sports of hiking/sailing and skiing), we have decided to head back to Nepal for a "short" trek (15-day trek).

Current plan is to head to Pokhara and then hike the Poon Hill-Annapurna Sanctuary (also known as "Annapurna Base Camp") trek. We are going "independently" (without guide or porter) as we know it well (we''ve done 80% of this several times before), there are frequent and excellent lodges, and we are in no hurry with no great goals (unlike in 2014, we have no 5400 m passes to cross). But of course, plans can (and do) often change.

Back home in Whistler in time for skiing to start early!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Changing seasons...

Brandywine Meadows (looking across to Black Tusk), August 30th, 2016

After returning from our Vancouver Island circumnavigation, our plan was to return to Whistler to get some "mountain" time. During August-September, we did numerous dayhikes, as well as one 2-night/3-day backpack. We soon found  out that our 2+months on Pelagia this Summer didn't help to keep us in hiking shape.

Black Tusk (from trail to Mt. Price), September 13, 2016

Looking south towards Whistler (from trail to Cougar Mt.), October 2, 2016

Ancient Cedars trail (October 2, 2016)

Enjoying our time in the mountains, we only managed one 3-night trip out on Pelagia, with one very wild sail (average 7+ knots) for 5 hours. During that short trip, we reconnected with David and Gillian on SV Carousel (our "buddy boat" for a few weeks this past Summer. Pelagia is now "bundled up" for the Winter.

As October came along, the season did a fast shift from Summer to Fall to perhaps "early" Winter. The aspens and other trees have turned golden and other colours. Bears (and other animals) are frantically filling-up with food for their Winter hibernation.

Bear in our parking lot (filling up on berries from tree), October 8, 2016

And to everyone's great excitement -- well, perhaps not the bears' -- snow has now blanketed the upper half of the mountains. Lots of snow (over 76 cm fallen as of Oct 18th)!

Snow on Blackcomb Mt., October 9, 2016
Whistler Peak, October 9, 2016
Looking down 7th Heaven, October 9, 2016
Emerald  chair on Whistler Mt, October 19, 2016

Skiing officially starts November 24th -- we're hoping for an earlier start!