Friday, 30 June 2017

Up Johnstone Strait

With gales and near-gales blowing down Johnstone Strait almosy daily, we've had to pick our passage carefully. Essentially, leaving early in the morning, then getting off the Strait before the winds pick up in the afternoon. (For example, motoring up Johnstone Strait yesterday, we only had 10-15 knot Westerlies against us, with no seas. However, in the early afternoon, soon after we pulled into Chancellor Channel, then Wellbore, and anchored in Forward Harbour, Johnstone Strait winds picked up to 24 knots, gusting to 29.)

We are currently 3 nm from our exit of Johnstone Strait at Havannah Channel. Winds and seas are low. Looks like another successful Johnstone Strait passage.

Update: we got lucky with the current in Chatham Channel, and made it easily to Potts Lagoon for the night.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Finally, away for our Summer cruise

Just in time for the Summer solstice, we have finally completed our prepping of Pelagia, and have left our dock in Vancouver.

The PLAN is to cruise for 2 months, hopefully/possibly making it North of Cape Caution this year, spending time on the Central Coast of British Columbia.  (Of course, as experience shows, sailing "plans" are all written in the sand at low tide.... 😉)

Currently, we are in Pender Harbour. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Weather resources for British Coumbia: post updated

The 2016 post providing information for marine- and land-based weather resources for British Columbia, with an emphasis on getting text-based band-limited forecasts, has been updated (broken/changed links fixed.)