Monday, 6 February 2012

"Minor" setbacks... falling down mountains doesn't help!

It's OK -- we're OK. 

Michelle took a long nasty tumble down "Cougar Chutes", a double-black-diamond run on Blackcomb Mountain (Whistler, B.C.)  -- badly bruised jaw and face and a cracked rib. She is recovering quickly.

Looking up at Cougar Chutes (top/middle of mountain in photo)

Looking down Cougar Chutes (2 days after fall)

Red line indicates where and how far M. fell.

At least she did it skiing! Two days later, I (David) tore my left calf muscle running for the bus on the way to go skiing! (Who says offshore sailing is dangerous? Try running for the bus!). I'm not sure how long this will take -- but no pain if I "watch my step".

Of course, this makes it hard to get to work on Pelagia!

February 15th update: We're healing fast. Already thinking of getting skiing again (M. may hold back on Cougar Chutes for a "while".)  I am only slightly limping now -- have been able to get back to Pelagia to do some little bits of work. Hoping to head out (into the rain?) on Pelagia this weekend.

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