Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Yucky weather (or yucky forecasts) over the past week have conspired each morning to keep us here in Vancouver, with Pelagia at the dock. (OK, we were out for 3 nights a week ago.)

July 1st was Canada Day: We realized we haven't been in Vancouver on July 1st for a very long time (not since at least 2006... perhaps longer, but I didn't check my logbook). Each year, we've been away, out on the boat (for example, 1 year ago we were in Queen Charlotte City, in Haida Gwai).

This July 1 turned out to be a pretty nice day. We went for a very enjoyable bike ride on the dikes surrounding Richmond (taking the Canada Line to get to Richmond), through Steveston Village (which was a happening spot with its annual July 1 "Salmon Festival" celebration). Arriving back (via skytrain) in Vancouver, the city was packed with visitors -- hundreds of thousands (yes, really) of people dressed in Canada red and white.

Arriving back at our apartment, we felt in need of  a Canada Day celebratory drink -- limes, triple sec and tequila were secured and a pitcher of margaritas quickly made up. When we regained consciousness...*  well, after a short nap (due to either, or both, the bike ride and the margs), we decided to walk down to Pelagia to have dinner on the boat and then watch the fireworks from chairs on our dock.

It was a great show. And we had a much-better-than-expected Canada Day. Happy 145th Canada!

(As forecast, we woke up to rain this morning... it is still raining.)

* If you're Canadian (and not too young), "When I regained consciousness..." should ring a bell (Dave Broadfoot).

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