Monday, 6 August 2012

When Desolation Sound is no longer "desolate"...

August in Desolation Sound -- it is CROWDED!

57+ boats in Tenedos NW anchorage....

This morning, there were 80 boats in the Tenedos anchorages (57+ in the main nook). About 2/3rds of these were from the USA. Most anchorages down in the Gulf Islands don't get anywhere close to this crowded (except, perhaps, for Montague Harbour and Sidney Spit).

Add to the crowds in the anchorage, the generators, the "let's tow the kids with the dinghy" and/or "how about wakeboarding" and we decided it was time to leave.

Mid-July through August is crazy time in Desolation Sound. With luck, adventure, and creativity, one can find quieter anchorages -- but perhaps it is better to go in June or September.

But the water was warm (Tenedos was 24 degrees C) and the sun was shining!

UPDATE 2015: We finally returned to Desolation Sound in September,  2015.  See our blog post about this (November 20, 2015)


  1. Greetings from s.v. Nikko. I think we were in Roscoe Bay around the same time as you were this year. I recollect seeing your boat and "Entrophy" I rowed over to Entrophy to find out what kind of boat it was. Very nice looking boats. We saw a Septre 41 in Melanie Cove as well, although I don't remember the name. Take care. Ray and Sandy

    1. Hi Ray & Sandy,
      Yes, we were in Roscoe when Entropy was also there. We do love our Pelagia.

      What make of boat is Nikko? Where were you anchored? Just trying to recall the various boats in Roscoe at the time.

      Sceptre 41s in Melanie Cove were likely "Shimmering" and "Ariel X" (our friends on Brer Terrapin said these Sceptres were both in Melanie).


    2. I remember now... SV Nikko is a Fraser 41 -- another great design and with BC roots -- and you anchored/stern-tied far down relatively close to the trail to the lake.

      FYI, I posted a description of Roscoe Bay and the Mt. Llanover hike.