Monday, 23 December 2013

Relaxing in La Paz

Two weeks into our month here in La Paz. It is a very relaxing town. Very family oriented. Nobody trying to sell us trashy trinkets.  (Indeed, hardly any gringo tourists, other than cruisers.)  Weather is comfortable (22-27 degrees C), although it does get a little too windy at times (the Northers...). The La Paz malecon is a very long (many kilometres) walkway along the ocean; we are getting lots of walking in as our marina is a 30-40 minute walk from the downtown area.

La Paz Malecon

La Paz Malecon (anchorage is on far right)

We have been doing several boat projects. First thing was a full wash, wax of the boat, polish stainless steel, and bottom scrub. This time, though, we had Carlos and crew do this, freeing Michelle. Additionally, we have installed our new fridge purchased last April and carried all the way under the V-berth down to here (the old fridge was given a terminal diagnosis way back in 2010 so we bought a new one; even though the old fridge seemed to work fine; we will likely donate the old fridge to a small town nearby that depends on 12-volt solar for power). And then there have been many small fixes.

But mostly, we have been relaxing. La Paz is a good place for it. 

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