Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mazatlan: Back in the tropics

We arrived at Marina Mazatlan Sunday morning, after first running the gauntlet of the crazy narrow opening into the estuary, its small breakwater proving only a small area free of breaking waves (but less than a boat length away the swells were crashing on the rocks). Going past El Cid Marina, the surge was still remarkably strong.

* A warning to other boaters: make sure no boats are coming out as you come in: it IS that narrow.

Marina Mazatlan is well up into the estuary and far from the madness. Marina staff were waiting for us to tie up. First impressions are reasonably positive (especially of Loli in the office).

Visited downtown Mazatlan (easily done by AC public bus) yesterday. Oh Toto, we're not in Kansas (I mean, La Paz) anymore. Frantic, big, interesting. Much more humid. We both noticed women dress differently here than La Paz (tighter, shorter skirts or shorts); didn't see any of the joggers we would see in La Paz. Overall impression: La Paz is a nicer place to be if staying longer.(That is, we made the right choice by staying in La Paz this Winter.)

We are now preparing Pelagia to be left in Mazatlan for the Summer (emptying interior of non-canned food items; cleaning all cupboards etc ; removing sails and canvas; etc).

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