Sunday, 10 May 2015

Flying home...

Looking across to Isla Espiratu Santo from Playa Tecolote (Baja California Sur, Mexico)

In preparation for shipping Pelagia by freighter home to British Columbia sometime in May, we removed and stored both sails, rolled-up and stored the dinghy, removed the bimini, stored electronic equipment and, generally, prepared Pelagia for the trip home. 

When we contracted with Sevenstar Yacht Transport, we were given a 30-day window when the loading would occur ("sometime in May 2015") . We had hoped (far too optimistically, it turns out) that this might occur earlier in May. So, in late April, we prepared Pelagia for shipping. Unfortunately, doing so meant we couldn't go cruising (no sails, no canvas, no dinghy, etc), so were just sitting around in La Paz, waiting. We really like La Paz, but the wait was getting hot and tedious. Then we got a hint that the loading date would not be until the end of May (and perhaps later, based on preceding "late" shipping dates).

Rather than sit around waiting, we decided to fly home April 21 to Whistler (via Vancouver). Skiing was still awaiting (after all, we still have our season passes). 
Whistler Mountain from Lost Lake (April, 2015)

It had been a record low snow year, so the valley was green and warm, with good walking and biking on the valley trails.  

However, there is still lots of snow on the upper 1/3rd of the mountains, and Whistler Mountain is scheduled to stay open for skiing until June. So far, we managed to get in some good days of skiing, including one surprising day of powder skiing.

About to ski down Whistler Bowl (May 7, 2015)

And we went for a sail. Each May, our home "yacht" club, the Vancouver Rowing Club, has its annual start-of-the-sailing-season "Sailpast". As we did last year, we joined friends on their 40' Valiant SV Berkana, and enjoyed several hours of sailing in Vancouver's English Bay, with sun and warm temperatures (22-24 deg C) and 8-10 knot winds.

Sailing on SV Berkana for VRC 2015 Sailpast (May 9, 2015)
Looking back to 1st Narrows Bridge, Stanley Park & North Shore mountains

Freighter in English Bay; Vancouver in background

From Wednesday May 6 through Saturday May 9th, we "managed" to ski two days, bicycle 1 day, and sail 1 day. (We could have hiked and golfed as well.) This is why we love living up here so much.  

On top of Whistler Mountain, looking over to the Black Tusk (May 7, 2015)

When we finally get the word from Sevenstar as to our shipping date, we plan to fly back down to La Paz to load Pelagia on to the freighter, and then meet Pelagia when she arrives in Victoria, B.C. some 8-11 days later

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