Friday, 5 June 2015

Pelagia loaded on freighter, on its way to and around the cape

As is hurricane Blanca....

Hurricane Blanca heading towards the Baja

Loading onto the MV Tiberborg went quickly,  smoothly and ahead of schedule.  Lifting Pelagia high up on to the deck was not so scary as David was nearby to watch two boats ahead of him (including SV Sunshine) go up with all going well. Impressed with the Tiberborg and Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping crews. 

Tiberborg left La Paz approximately 1030pm last night,  and is currently off the East Cape (of Baja);  it is making time to get around Cabo San Lucas and north ahead of Hurricane Blanca. 

Just to keep it exciting. 


  1. UPDATE: June 6, 2015
    Report from Master of MV Tiberborg indicates all-is-well on ship, with NO issues with weather; ship is approximately at the level of Bahia Magdalena, heading North at 11 knots.

  2. Must be a strange feeling to see your boat lifted onto a huge ship like that!

    1. Certainly was! We were lucky though, in that in loading in La Paz, David got to see two boats go up before Pelagia, and thus felt pretty comfortable in the crews' skills.