Friday, 18 March 2016

UPDATE: Change (temporary) in Geary's SONRISA NET Mexico weather forecasts from the web and via saildocs

APRIL 10, 2016 UPDATE: It appears that Sonrisa Net weather website is now up and running correctly and obtaining Geary's forecasts via Saildocs now working fine.

Ignore updates etc below....

HOWEVER check out Pelagia's info re Mexico cruising weather (& charts, cruising guides, etc), go to this post:

It appears that the Sonrisa Net weather website is now being updated,  except for the "Daily Summary" (still shows February 18th summary) which is updated on Geary's "Blog" on Weather Underground.

Unfortunately,  it does not appear that requests ("queries") to SAILDOCS for Geary's forecasts are working properly (see below for workaround to get forecast via Saildocs) .

Important Update March, 2016:
Geary's SONRISA NET weather website and associated Saildocs files for the Pacific coast of Mexico (especially Baja and the Sea of Cortez) have not been updating over the past month.

HOWEVER: He still does his daily forecast over HAM radio on the Sonrisa Net AND publishes an up-to-date forecast on his blog on the Weather Underground website:

To get a copy of Geary's latest forecast from SAILDOCS, send the following to SAILDOCS (replace the date: the example is for March 18, 2016):


NOTE: Saildocs will send a copy of the html file as a text file. This message will be unreadable until is saved as a .html file, and then read by your web browser.

The July 2014 post regarding Mexico weather info has been updated:

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