Friday, 29 July 2016

Lazy days in Barkley Sound

After a couple days provisioning (and going out for dinner!) in Ucluelet -- again, a great place to visit and great public docks -- we headed out to the Broken Group (Pacific Rim National Park), aiming for the anchorage between Dodd and Turtle Islands (sometimes referred to as "Joe's Bay"). When we arrived, we were only the third boat, so we were a little surprised later to have 14 boats (10 from the USA, most from the Portland Yacht Club) around us (including a very large 60+' motor-sailor that wanted to anchor only some 60 metres from us and another boat -- even though at the time the bay was 2/3 empty... ARRRRGH!).* It was still a quiet night.

[* Turned out, the 14 boats was an exception -- the rest of our time in Barkley Sound would only see 1-3 other boats anchored with us.]

Next day we headed out of the Park over to the Pinkertons. We found solitude, and stayed put for three nights (only one other boat came in). We got in a couple of good kayak trips, and even spent a few hours losing lures and flashers (as opposed to catching any fish -- well, we caught a couple too small ones we returned to the sea). Mornings were very foggy, but usually the sun burned off the fog and the afternoons were sunny.

Kayaking in the Broken Group

Pelagia, anchored in the Pinkertons

Next, we moved to Pipestem Inlet, to the anchorages near Lucky Creek, where we are currently. After trying a couple anchorages with only partial success (rocky bottom), we finally got a spot behind Refuge Island later when others left. Sea water temps are up to 23.5 degrees C -- great swimming temperatures; Sea of Cortez temperatures. So we have been in the water multiple times. Nights, so far, have been very calm. Last night, we scored a huge filet of fresh-caught salmon from folks on the Victoria-based sailboat "Saturnus" -- very very nice of them to come to the aid of this terrible fisherman (David). Today, we kayaked up Lucky Creek to its great fresh water swimming pools and falls.

Kayaking up Lucky Creek

Lucky Creek

Cool, clear water of Lucky Creek

After Lucky Creek, we picked up some fuel and water in Bamfield, then headed over to Dodger Channel.* Dodger is a great location: a wild, west coast anchorage (you can hear the swells breaking outside, yet it is calm inside), close to Cape Beale and hence a great jumping off spot to head south/east to Sooke.

* Note: the South entrance to Dodger Channel is only about 3 feet at zero tide, contrary to the 9+ feet indicated by at least one popular guidebook, as well as the 2.8 metres (>9')  suggested by the CHS chart (however, the CHS chart does not indicate this is the minimum depth).

We spent two nights at Dodger, trying to judge weather, allowing us some kayak time.

Kayaking in Dodger Channel area

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  1. Call me envious! We loved Lucky Creek and its pools when we were there. And we, too, found Joe's Bay to be crowded. ON our second trip, we skipped that one. Enjoy!