Friday, 2 December 2016

Instant old man...

Tons of snow for opening days at Whistler (November 23rd) and Blackcomb (November 24th) -- over 200 cm new snow in a week.

Unfortunately, a gentle forward tumble in the powder on Day 2 has put David out of action for at least 3-4 weeks: a Grade 2 right calf pull (or strain, tear, etc.). This injury feels very similar (and not worse) to his left-leg injury back in 2012 (running to catch the bus here in Whistler) -- it required 3.5 weeks to get  back on the mountain. This time, though, help from a physiotherapist has been sought (who informs him that it gets worse with age...).

So much for being in such great shape after our 12+ day trekking in Nepal!  🙁

Meanwhile, Michelle is skiing up a storm in all the new snow.


  1. Yikes! Take it easy; you're not getting any younger, you know. (to quote YOU).

    1. Leg is healing well... limp mostly gone. Hoping to be back on hill by Christmas... perhaps.