Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Summer 2017 cruise: our "route" and some numbers

Pelagia's "route" this Summer (2017)

Dates: June 20 to August 21, 2017

Total distance travelled: 774 nautical miles

Nautical miles sailed: <75 nm

Favourite anchorage: Murray Labyrinth

Favourite docks: Sointula, Malcolm Island

Favourite town/village/city: Alert Bay

Worst anchorage: Forward Harbour (little space thus crowded)... it wasn't that bad

Worst experience(s): a tie between (i) Mt. Llanover trail partially destroyed by logging, and (ii) venturing into overcrowded (packed!) Laura Cove in Desolation Sound

Bears seen: 1 large black bear (Booker Lagoon) and 1 small grizzly (Chatham Channel)

Whales seen: several humpbacks around Blackfish Sound/Cormorant Island area


  1. What month was this (August?) and how much time did you have? Sounds like there was very little wind?

  2. 2 months (June 20 to Aug 21st). Little wind is all too common on the inner South coast at this time of year (except, of course, Johnstone Strait).