Friday, 2 February 2018

Mid-(ski)season Progress Report

"Triumphant" return to Winter sports: Snowshoeing February 1

Two months of steady recovery for Michelle, diligently doing her daily exercises and seeing the physiotherapist 2x/week. Follow up visit with surgeon in mid-January concludes 2+° tear of her MCL and slight (1°) of her ACL, both healing well and, importantly, no surgery required! Yeah!

Early January: Michelle in her first "bionic woman" brace (later replaced with much less obtrusive brace)

Yesterday marked a milestone, with Michelle getting out for over an hour snowshoeing (on the Whistler Golf course; actually, a tough slog).  Next up will be x-country skiing.

Looking very good for a return to (downhill) skiing mid to late March!

X-Country skiing Feb 10th...

Late January 2018: on top of Spanky's Ladder

Meanwhile, the snow is piling up on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. David has some good days, but missing his skiing partner.

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