Monday, 31 December 2018

2018: A very "bumpy" year!

Hiking in Bavaria, 2018: on top of the Shottelkarspitze

Quite the year.... 

Started 2018 with Michelle's knee in a brace recovering from torn ACL, MCL and meniscus (from a fall while skiing December 2017). Michelle returned to skiing mid-March.

Spent a great summer cruising on Pelagia to Haida Gwaii and back.

September, biking and hiking in Europe. Michelle's knee feeling good.

November, ski season starts slowly, but surely. Now there's tons of snow.

Then comes December, Michelle's mensis horribilus. December 15th, she slipped on ice on our sidewalk (not skiing!), and broke her (left) wrist. As always, Whistler Health Clinic was excellent, her break was "reduced" and casted. But doctors not optimistic and surgery may be needed. A little over a week later, follow-up x-rays reveal surgery required. So, on Boxing Day December 26th, Michelle undergoes surgery on her broken wrist, with a metal plate and screws installed. The bionic woman.

After surgery...

We end 2018 as we started the year: Michelle recovering with no expectation of skiing before March, and David skiing alone. Really sucks.

BUT: Plans for 2019 are formulating. A trip starting mid February planned (approved by doctors).

Best wishes to all for the New Year 2019! 
(maybe we should stay away from snow/ice in December....)

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