Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mast install? "No" says the weather...

We were scheduled to re-install the mast with new standing rigging, LED trilight, spreader lights, etc this past Monday (Feb 25th). To do so, we would have to return to Steveston, normally a 27 nm trip via Sand Heads and the Fraser River.

The normal route from Vancouver Harbour to Steveston (North up)

Michelle and I planned to go either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather forecast. Well, it was not to be. For the first time in a very long time -- we cannot remember the last time -- we had three days of gales in Georgia Strait. Both SE and NW gales.  And it really did blow.  Given that Sand Heads (and the route) are very exposed to both SE and NW gales, and there can be nasty conditions where the river outflow meets NW winds in the strait, we decided to re-schedule to later in March.  (Much better for the rigger, who probably wasn't looking forward to going aloft in strong -- and cold -- winds.)

If the same forecast happens in March -- unlikely -- we may take the protected (weatherwise) back route via the Fraser River North Arm (entrance just off "Pt. Grey" on the chartlet above) to New Westminster then down the South Arm to Steveston (an  extra 15 nm). The low bridges on this route will be no problem, given our lack of a mast!

We are anxious to become a sailing vessel again. Until then, some more skiing and lots more other stuff on Pelagia.

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