Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spiffing up Pelagia: New upholstery

Among many upgrades completed/in progress/planned for Pelagia, some fall into the "spiffing up" category. The upholstery in the main salon was definitely showing wear and a little tired (after at least 20 years) 

Here is what the old upholstery looked like:

old port-side settee
old starboard-side settee

We decided (February, 2013) to re-upholster: new material, new colour/design, and new foam. Here is the new main salon upholstery:

New starboard-side settee and table

New port-side settee
Besides looking great, they are also "improved". The bottom cushions are thicker and definitely more comfortable. We also had the backs cut differently to make it easier to use the settees as sea berths. 

We're pretty happy with the results!

P. S. In case you are wondering, we had the cushions done by Randy at
 The Chair Centre

Good work done very fast (that's right, he's not a "marine" upholsterer)

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