Thursday, 18 July 2013


Time is ticking for our late-August departure south.

We have many projects we are hoping to complete. Some are important; others are "nice-to-do".

For example (in no particular order):
  •  Haul boat, paint bottom etc (completed)
  • Install fans in v-berth (completed) and quarter berth, and more in main salon
  • Purchase and install solar panels (in process)
  • Minor engine work (new impeller, etc)
  • Re-tune new standing rigging
  • Remove forward diesel tank (under V-berth, we've never used it) and replace with water tank (in process)
  • Purchase/install pedestal chair for nav desk
  • Install tie downs for liferaft
  • Non-skid for deck
  • Dodger revisions (add opening window)/minor repair (in process)
  • Install lee cloths
  • Install new refrigerator (of course, our old one now seems to be doing fine...)
  • Add tie-downs for various items
This is a short list of a much larger list -- our Excel spreadsheet is up to 160 items -- 96 of which have been completed since 2011. Many of them major, such as new sails (2011), new running (2011) and standing (2013) rigging, SSB (2012),  Hydrovane (2013), new instruments, etc.

Then there are the non-sailing "administrative" things required to sail south. Sell condo (done), storage locker (done), mailbox (done), new passports (done), etc. etc.

But we are getting there.

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