Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Weekend getaway to Whistler

We had just completed grocery shopping with a plan to sail over to Port Graves/Artaban on Pelagia, to relax for a couple of days (including swimming, of course!). But we had a hankering to go to Whistler one last time before heading south. Our unit at Whistler was available, so off we went on a "holiday" from Pelagia.

Beautiful weather (sunny and 27 deg Celsius), we manage a couple day hikes, a valley bike ride, and swims in Lost Lake.

First hike was up to Brandywine Meadows. Generally, the fastest/easiest trail to get up to alpine meadows (excepting cheating by taking Whistler's lifts...), Brandywine trail seemed more tiring than previous trips. Perhaps we are getting older? But it was beautiful. Rewarded by a swim in Lost Lake upon our return.

Brandywine Meadows -- view towards Mt. Garibaldi

Brandywine Meadows
Arm shot proof we made it...
Next day, we decided to tackle the steep tough trail up to Wedgemount Lake/Glacier (1300 metres elevation gain). Tiring, but well worth it, with great views. It took us 7 hours return (including lunch and other stops). At the end, too tired to make it to Lost Lake for a swim.

Wedgemount Lake and glacier

Mountain wildflowers: "anemones"

Our last day we did an easy bike ride on the "Valley Trail" in Whistler. A couple hours cycling then a cooling off swim in Lost Lake. 

It was great to get back up to the mountains. Unusual feeling to sleep on a stable (and huge) bed. We vegged-out on TV, enjoyed the ensuite laundry, and marvelled at the dishwasher (how quickly we forget such luxuries unavailable on Pelagia!).

Not sure when we will get back up to Whistler -- next Summer perhaps?

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  1. Hello Pelegia

    Que Sera here also getting that last list worked on as we plan to leave Aug 22. Let mw know where you are so we can chat.

    Rick and Mary