Friday, 4 October 2013

Adios San Francisco!

We finally made it out of San Francisco.

On our way out...

We're out of the Bay!

Motored out under the Golden Gate Bridge under sunny skies. Pulled out the sails and had a great 30-mile sail. Winds were 15-20kn NW with ~8-10 ft seas. 

Currently on the dock at Pillar Point Harbour (Half Moon Bay). Winds are down but seas still bit big, so we will wait 'till tomorrow to try for Santa Cruz (or Monterrey).

In the meantime,  Half Moon Bay has a beautiful beach with a long bike path. 

Half Moon Bay (view North towards Pillar Point)

Half Moon Bay (view South)

Update: we highly recommend a stop at Pillar Point Harbour: excellent harbour/marina and nice walking/biking.

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