Friday, 15 November 2013

Entering Mexico: what it cost (Nov. 2013)

For those planning to enter in at Ensenada -- here is what we paid for a 40 ft (registered length) <= 20-ton boat:

Visa (180 days): 295 MXN per person (x 2 persons)
Port fees: 227 MXN
Temporary Importation Permit (TIP): 672.83 MXN
Fishing License (annual permit for 1 person*): 553 MXN

Total: 2044.33 MXN (about C$169)

We had significant help from our Cruiseport Marina agent (Enrique), including rides to/from the CIS offices -- there did not seem to be any extra charge for this (though Enrique certainly deserves a good tip).

* Buying only one fishing license differs from all of the recommendations. However, we have only one fishing rod and only one of us would fish. The SAGARPA fishing license officials agreed that only one license was required, as we had "solo uno pescador" on board.
UPDATE (from La Paz): despite what we were told by the SAGARPA folks in Ensenada, we have been convinced here in La Paz (and by the SAGARPA San Diego website) that we should get licenses for both of us. Besides, it is very likely that Mexican Navy guys checking us would expect both to have a license.


  1. Hello! I just wanted to thank you for providing this information. More helpful than any other google search we did. We are first time cruisers, and ran into some autopilot issues in San Diego...where we are sadly still. However, we're testing the newly installed autopilot today, and if she functions as we hope she does we have a big decision to we stay or do we continue. We've made inquiries about possible part time jobs here for a month or two, but it seems the boating community here frowns upon us cruisers. We are on an extremely tight budget, but also serious adventurers having a hard time staying put....any advice?

    1. Hello Nomatia -- thanks for your comments!

      Ahh San Diego: we found the "boating community" (as in businesses) to be very helpful/friendly, BUT the SD Harbor Authority was NOT cruiser friendly. Indeed, SD was one of the least cruiser friendly places we visited.

      Really depends on what your eventual goals are: if they are to cruise Mexico -- your blog indicates "get to Mexico!" -- then best to get going. Not sure if working part time for a month or two in SD will make that big of a difference to your cruising kitty. Ensenada was VERY friendly and marinas much cheaper and nicer than SD (BUT, no anchoring in Ensenada). Lots of free (or nearly free) anchoring in Mexico below Ensenada. La Paz is a great place (Cabo San Lucas not so great)!

      However, we are certainly not experts on cruising Mexico -- indeed, we are very much "newbies" to this life (and it has not been all "fun"). Perhaps checkin with some more experienced Mexico cruisers, such as Michael of Del Viento?