Thursday, 28 November 2013

Four days in Turtle Bay

We ended spending 4 nights in Turtle Bay. A couple days recovery (from our passage), a day for pouring rain, and a day in the sun prepping for our next passage.

Turtle Bay anchorage

"Downtown" Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a great anchorage; the village, well,rather dusty/muddy and ramshackle. Several tienda (stores) so some provisions can be obtained, including meat. All but one of our interactions with the locals were quite pleasant. (The one negative was with Enrique Jr., who runs the fuel dock: he scolded David for giving a small tip to the little kids who helped him carry water jugs to the dock. Given Enrique shorted us on our fuel purchase, he gets no respect from David.)

Turtle Bay's "moonscape"

Next stop?
(turns out it is Bahia Santa Maria)

Cruising boats in Turtle Bay: SV Confidence, SV Marova, SV Remember Me


  1. You're not the only one who has complained about being "shorted" at the "fuel dock" (rickety and unsafe as it is).

    One thing to note: there were many lobster traps at the entrance to Turtle Bay. Was that your experience?
    John, SY Andiamo

  2. We came in to Turtle Bay, worrying only about our position relative to the two points - - our first experience close inshore with charts lacking detail! (we had been told there were no lobster traps.)

    HOWEVER, when we left Turtle Bay 4 days later, in daylight, we were shocked to see the entrance indeed had very many traps. We were lucky we didn't catch one on our prop coming in in the dark!

    Kept this in mind for entering Bahia Santa Maria (lots of traps off the point!)