Wednesday, 12 February 2014

More northers, an attack by bees, and a quiet eve in "wolf cove" (Caleta Lobos)

Although we had a great hike and some nice swims while at Ensenada Grande, the northerly winds were sending in an uncomfortable swell (wrapping around the point, coming into the anchorage). We had one quiet night and two rolly nights with gusty winds.

We elected to move around the corner to El Cardonal. El Cardonal did not have any wrap around swell, so it was not rolly. But the northers sent in amplified gusts so we did not escape the winds.

In both places, we felt secure, and did not worry about our anchor dragging. Still, it is so much nicer when the wind quiets down, as it did on our second night at El Cardonal.

We decided to return to La Paz in a couple days to celebrate David's birthday (micro-brew beers and burgers at Harker Boards). So we headed back to Bahia San Gabriel (Isla Espiritu Santo). It seemed odd that there were only 2 boats anchored. Hmmm.

As we were putting down our anchor, the bees started arriving, eventually reaching 30-40 in number. The bees (not wasps) are looking for fresh water. As we didn't have any fresh water out in the open, we thought they'd quickly leave. Not so. There were all over us, even crawling into David's crocs -- that is when one stung David (inside his crocs). That's it, we're out of here!

We quickly up-anchored and motored across the San Lorenzo Channel, marveling at the flying (manta) rays which seemed to be in schools of hundreds. Pulled into Caleta Lobos (8 nm from Marina Palmira). A beautiful calm anchorage -- perfect for another swim.

Looking south across San Lorenzo Channel to Playa Ballandra  (rays jumping in foreground)

Caleta Lobos (SV Swan anchored in front of Pelagia)

Arrive back in La Paz on February 11th.

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