Monday, 10 February 2014

Hiking at Ensenada Grande (Isla Partida)

Our hike up to the high cross gave us spectacular views for a reasonable amount of exercise.

Hike goes from right side up to cross on right "peak"

Hike starts from beach (Pelagia anchored off beach)
The hike starts from a beautiful small cove. The first 5-10 minutes is a little confusing. Many make the mistake of following the dry arroyo (creek) only to find difficult steps which are waterfalls after a large rain. The key is to start on the left side (facing up the arroyo) and quickly transfer onto the ridge. Do not follow the creek. Hike route (finding) is simple once out of the creek and up on the ridge.

Up on the left side of the arroyo, looking back at the cove

Looking down at Pelagia (closest boat to right of cross)

The required selfie...

That's us up on top (photo taken by Dave on S/V Swan)

The colours of the water are beautiful...

A technically easy hike (once past the first 5 minutes) which gave us some exercise and worked-up a good sweat. Superb views.

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