Thursday, 15 May 2014

And now for something completely different: Skiing in May

Looking across to Whistler Mtn and the Black Tusk
Last-minute decision: how about a day skiing up at Whistler? The wonders of Vancouver: one can sail, swim, golf and ski all in one day (OK, we are just skiing and swimming....)  A bright, sunny, warm day -- 27 degrees C in the valley; 11 degrees C up on the mountain.

We're not in Mexico anymore Toto...

Short video of "first tracks" (OK, not actually powder...) down Glacier, Michelle is enjoying herself...

Heading down; last run of the day -- our thighs were burning -- heading for a swim in the pool (not sure if the lake is warm enough yet). Then drive back down to Vancouver.
Snow up top; very warm down in the valley

Great to be home!

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