Friday, 9 May 2014

Back home in Vancouver

After a long series of flights, layover and delays -- including an extra hour delay due to a "ferocious" cat which had to removed from the plane, together with its owner and the owner's bags from the baggage compartment -- we arrived home in downtown Vancouver around 2 am.

The temperatures are cool and comfortable (currently 11 deg C); all the trees and lawns are so green, and we have a great view of English Bay from our short-term apartment in the West End.

On the downside, our taxi driver in from the Vancouver airport was the worst driver (almost killed us while looking for his cell phone), and it is sure seems noisier here (compared to Mexico).

We'll get used to it.

Happy to be home.

[We will continue -- occasionally -- to post to this blog while away from Mexico -- time for posts about trips in the mountains!]

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  1. Glad to be home? This is Jay from Cadenza.
    We are also home now on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Can't make up its mind whether it is winter or spring here. Sailed our 18ft Herreshoff Catboat yesterday. Water temps still in the 40s F.
    my email:

    lets talk J