Saturday, 4 November 2017

Manaslu Circuit trek completed (survived)

Freezing on top of Larkya La (-10°C): David, Padam (guide), Michelle & Dawa (porter)
Started with a gruelling 8-hr dusty 4WD jeep drive.

First couple days overheated in 30+ degree C and hot sun, eventually "cooling" to fresh snow and -10°C on 5106m Larkya pass. Every day trekking presented us with numerous opportunities where a mistep or stumble could mean certain death (especially walking across steep landslides going 100s of metres down into the Budhi Gandaki river). Trek was over-crowded with large groups and not enough lodges in many places. Mostly, lodges were not so great. 

On the other hand, every day the trek provided us with fantastic vistas.

15 days later, ended with gruelling, bumpy, steep-dropoffs 4-hr jeep drive. 

Maybe we're just getting too old, but we found this trek to be particularly tiring and not so enjoyable.

On the plus side, we are now very fit (well, except for bad colds).  

Now relaxing (recovering) in Pokhara. Off to Kathmandu tomorrow then Thailand. 

More-detailed post about trek to follow with photos (when we get better internet). 

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