Monday, 9 July 2018

Island Bay and Dolomite/Burnaby Narrows (Gwaii Haanas NPR)

After Murchison Island, we decided to check out Island Bay (new-to-us) and try visiting Burnaby Narrows from the North (20 nm). SV Carousel joined us.

Island Bay was a beautiful anchorage (we anchored immediately south of Dolomite Point). Soon after arriving, we headed out on our kayaks to check out the Narrows at a 4-foot low tide. The Narrows were beautiful, though we (Michelle and I) knew they could be much better at a lower tide (<1ft). But this was not due for another week.

We decided to stay a second night at Island Bay and do some more kayaking. On return to Pelagia, we were treated to a bear rolling rocks on the beach (at low tide) immediately in front of Pelagia at anchor. This was our third bear siting but easily the closest/best.

After two nights, we headed around Burnaby Island.*

*Many experienced boats transit Burnaby/Dolomite Narrows at mid-tide on a rising tide. The route requires multiple dogleg turns and is complicated by currents, rocks AND the fact the most of the Narrows is impassable at lower tide levels (much of it dries at a 1-2-foot tide). Even after multiple visits, we are not willing to risk Pelagia in this tortuous passage.

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