Friday, 6 September 2013

VANCOUVER to SAN FRANCISCO: Days 3 & 4 Neah Bay to San Francisco

Wednesday saw us sailing very comfortably in 10-15 knot SE winds, with much reduced swell. Not a fast sail, but enjoyable. Wednesday eve the forecast decrease in winds came late at night (after a brief squall causing a reef in the main late in the night). Thursday morning (5am), the winds left us. So we motored.

By 9am we were back sailing, the wind clocking around to the NE. Expected to increase to NW 15-20 tonight and 20-30 over the weekend. Oh boy.

Crew is all well (a little tired from last night's antics).

Current location (Thursday @ 10am PDT): 44 degrees 05.4 minutes N; 126 degrees 30.86 minutes W

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