Friday, 27 September 2013

San Francisco Bay

We finally "escaped" Alameda Monday morning (actually, we like Alameda).  Thought we'd try anchoring at Angel Island  at Winslow Cove (mooring buoys at Ayala Cove are $30/night -- too steep for us).  Anchorage seemed nice until we got hit by the CONSTANT ferry wakes!  Tsunami-like breaking waves that would toss us around holding on for dear life -- from 630am until 930pm - - Oh come on.  Got out of there early next morning.  

Headed to Clipper Cove on Treasure Island - -  nice spot,  protected (waves wise)  from westerlies.  Watched Americas Cup in a pub... but winds picked up so we felt we should be back on board Pelagia.  Were we glad we did.  Winds got up to 30 knots... then a friends' boat dragged anchor right on to us (they were not on their boat, having gone into the city).  Thankfully,  we got our fenders out just in the nick of time.  No harm done.  We re-anchored and,  happily for them,  their boat stayed put (in our original spot).  guide books say there are some "soft" spots on the bottom -- guess they found one.

Next day was calmer as we watched OracleUSA beat EmiratesNZ  - -  see what money can buy you?  Then Oracle had the big (BIG!) loud  party on Treasure Island... :-( 

Headed over to Sausalito and picked upmooring buoy at the Sausalito Yacht Club.  Nice place .  But very rolly moorage (still,  no tsunami wakes). Michelle woke up this morning singing "rock-a-bye baby...".

Pelagia at Sausalito Yacht Club

Pelagia at Sausalito Yacht Club

Will rent a car today for the weekend - -  roadtrip!


  1. If we don't get a chance to meet you while you're still in San Francisco Bay, fair winds to you!
    Shirlee & John, Solstice, Sceptre 41 hull #12

    1. Hi Shirlee,
      I will send you an email this am. David