Friday, 6 September 2013

VANCOUVER to SAN FRANCISCO: Days 4 & 5 (am): Neah Bay to San Francisco

Spoke (wrote) too soon in last post. We've had over a day of light-to-no winds combined with uncomfortable swell. So lots of motoring, interspersed with trying to sail. Over the 4.5 days, we've sailed at least 80% of the time (actually, we've motored only 13 hours since Cape Flattery on Monday). Last night's sails up/sails down etc left us pretty tired today.

This morning we jibed back towards the coast -- we were getting to be too far out. Likely we'll try to stick around 50-70 nm out. Currently sunny with 10-15 kn NW from behind. Good sailing though rolly. Fin our Hydrovane has been doing a standup job the whole trip.

Biq question now is the weather. We download text forecasts and weather faxes -- there is such a confusing plethora of regions etc. But it seems we are in for some 25-35 kn NW weather with large seas Sat/Sunday. Oh great, another test.

We may not have shown up on AIS due to our distance from the shore. We may show-up now as we close within 60 nm again. We've been posting position reports on YOTREPS.

This is a slower trip than last year -- there will be no "5 or 6 days" to SF this time. Currently we are about 70 nm due west of Crescent City. We cross a state line tonight. Yippee, another S-L drink! (The last one 2 nights ago was wonderful.)

All for now.
At 9/6/2013 5:26 PM (utc) our position was 42°28.35'N 126°10.22'W

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