Sunday, 29 July 2018

Return to the "South Coast" (Cape Caution rounded)

We are currently at the docks in Sointula, enjoying warm sun (well, "hot" to us) and a respite from the fog (sort of... the fog comes in at night but burns off by morning).

We had a very foggy passage around Cape Caution; never did catch a glimpse of it, with visibility of only 1/4 to 1/2 nautical miles for hours. Shortened the trip from Pruth Bay by stopping for the night at Millbrook Cove in Smith Sound (which was very foggy but calm and quiet), then next day going around to Miles Inlet (also foggy).. [SV Carousel continued on, so we may not see them the rest of this trip.]. Next morning, we woke up tothick fog, but were pleasantly surprised to have it lift for most of the calm (6 hour) motor to Sointula.

It's easy down south here in Sointula (relaxing with mod cons such as CBC radio reception, cell phone with data, internet sortof, and stores etc). And did we say it is (relatively) hot here? Well, low-mid 20s with sun sure seems a bit warm to us. It might be hard when we reach the upper 20s and even low 30s they are having in Desolation and further south.

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