Monday, 20 January 2014

Away from La Paz: anchored at Bahia San Gabriel (Espiritu Santo)

Sunset at Bahia San Gabriel
Finally time to tear us away from the dock at La Paz.

We are currently anchored in Bahia San Gabriel on Isla Espiritu Santo.
Beautiful bay. Water clear (we can see the bottom below Pelagia) and
warm enough for a swim (21 deg C). Only 6 boats anchored. Beautiful
sunset last night.

We are not sure how long we will stay up here on the Baja side of the
Sea of Cortez. As long as we enjoy it and it stays warm. One plan is to
be out for 5-7 days, then return to La Paz for a few days to
reprovision. If it gets cold or too windy, we may then cross over to

Things are fluid.

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