Thursday, 23 January 2014

Isla Partida (Sea of Cortez)

After Bahia San Gabriel, we moved 10 nm north to Isla Partida. Checked out Caleta Partida, but didn't feel comfortable. So around the corner we went to El Cardonal. Beautiful anchorage; only 1 other boat. Clear, turquoise waters, warm enough (for us) to swim. Really beautiful walk on trail along mangroves to other side of island. Sea turtle swimming around bay; owl hooting at night. We stayed two nights.

At anchor, El Cardonal
Mangroves behind beach at El Cardonal

Walking across Isla Partida (El Cardonal)

El Cardonal

Mangroves (El Cardonal)

at the end of the walk... the other side of Isla Partida

Moved around next corner to Ensenada Grande. Scenery and water seemed to get even better! Turquoise water clear enough to see chain and anchor on the sandy bottom. Beautiful sandy beach. We are only boat anchored in our cove (there are 3 coves). Lots of inquisitive porcupine fish (similar to puffer fish). Saw great show of dorado (mahi mahi) chasing large schools of (foot long) fish, both jumping clear out of the water.

Curious porcupine fish

Incredible flying rays...

Mornings are calm and windless; afternoons see the northerly winds pickup in the anchorage. We get the wind but no waves as the bay is protected from winds with north in them. (Should south or SW winds really pick up, we'd have to get out quick -- but they haven't yet.)

At anchor, Ensenada Grande (Isla Partida)

At anchor, Ensenada Grande (Isla Partida)

Not sure where to next -- maybe Isla San Francisco?

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