Friday, 31 January 2014

MYTH: "It is too cold in the Sea of Cortez/La Paz in the Winter"

Before deciding to come to La Paz, we had been warned that it would be too cold up there in the Winter. Numerous cruisers, one professional skipper, and many blogs counseled us to stay away until at least March. Before then, the Sea of Cortez would be too cold to swim in without a wetsuit (indeed, one cruiser suggested it was too cold even with a wetsuit), the air temperature uncomfortably cold, and the northerly winds a real pain.

We don't know what temperatures these folks consider "comfortable" but, with the exception of the comment about the northerly winds, we must beg to differ.

Here in La Paz, the temperature is currently 26 degrees C (79 deg F); yesterday the high was 30 degrees C (86 deg F).  That is not cold! In general, the temperatures have been in the 22-27 degrees C range during the day. At night, it cools off to approximately 9-10 degrees C -- yes, requiring a sweater but also making sleep very comfortable.

The Sea of Cortez water temperatures have been in the 21-22 degrees C (70-72 deg F) range in December and January. This is what the water temperature around Vancouver and Howe Sound as well as Desolation Sound gets up to in the Summer, and we find this quite comfortable.

The northers do indeed blow and, at times, are a real pain (such as during our recent visit to Isla San Francisco). At the marina they are a blessing, bringing some cooling in the heat (yes, we find it hot at times here in La Paz).  And they do abate -- indeed, today we have light southerlies.

Different strokes for different folks. What is "cold" to one person might be "warm" or even "hot" to another. For us, the temperatures here in La Paz and the nearby islands have been perfect.

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