Friday, 10 January 2014

Swimming at El Corumel (La Paz)

About 1 nm into the La Paz channel -- about 1 nm north of Marina Palmyra -- is the El Corumel public beach complex. Easily picked out by its huge waterslides which go from the road on the hillside down to the ocean. There is also a nice beach and facilities.

El Corumel... defunct waterslides in distance
The Corumel Waterslides (not operating)
Apparently, the waterslides have never operated -- not too surprising when one sees the drop from the end of the slide to the water (especially at low tide). But the beach is nice.

We ride our bicycles from Marina Palmyra to go for a quick swim. Takes us 5 minutes on our bikes (10 minutes if walking). Beaches are empty; likely because it is Winter and the water temperature is only 21-22 degrees C.  Perfectly fine for us (this year, at least).

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