Monday, 27 January 2014

Rocking and Rolling at Isla San Francisco

The trip from Los Islotes to Isla San Francisco (19nm) started off in calm, nearly windless weather. After a half hour or so, the winds picked up to ~10 knots, so we hoisted all sails. We sailed for about 1 hour until the wind died. Motoring north, all-of-a-sudden we had moderately large, steep seas and 15-20 knot winds on the nose (i.e., directly from the direction where we wished to go). What followed was 2-hr bash to Isla San Francisco. Not fun.

Isla San Francisco's main anchorage looks beautiful in all the photos, and is supposed to be protected from notherly winds. We were looking forward to going shore for a popular hike up a ridge with great views. Sadly, this was not to be.

We spent 2 nights and 1 day maintaining an anchor watch on the boat, as the anchorage had up to 27-kn winds (from the north), wrap around swell, and wind waves. We re-anchored to give us a little more room from other boats; unfortunately, though we had much more room, we then had more waves and more wind.

Isla San Francisco anchorage -- wind calming down

Isla San Francisco (from the South)

So, we never set foot on the island, and turned back south to Isla Espiritu Santo, sleep deprived and anxious to have a comfortable anchorage. *

* The wind then decreased. Had we stayed a 3rd night, the Isla San Francisco anchorage would have been much more comfortable.

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