Friday, 21 March 2014

Isla San Francisco: 3rd time's the charm

We got away from the dock in La Paz on Tuesday, and headed up to the islands. Almost made it to Bonanza Beach (Isla Espiritu Santo) but after passing through the San Lorenzo Channel, found there to be 12-15 knot southeasterly winds. Essentially, right into the anchorage. So we turned around and went back through the channel and headed to Caleta Partida, managing a nice little sail much of the way.

There was a Coroumel in the evening, but more south than west, so no seas got into the anchorage.

Next day, we headed out, and had an excellent sail almost all the way to Isla San Francisco. Now, given that our two previous visits to this island we were stuck on the boat due to unpleasant winds/seas, we were a little nervous about giving it another try. Happy to say that we had 2 very calm eves, plus a great day hiking the ridges for some fantastic views.

Isla San Francisco anchorage

Trail along ridge (Isla San Francisco)
Osprey nest on Navigation light tower

Today we headed further north, in calm windless seas. We are anchored at Timbabiche, a somewhat-open anchorage (some north protection but no protection from the south). Hope any south
winds stay away. All going well, tomorrow we plan to head up to Agua Verde.


Casa Grande (c. 1910), Timbabiche

Puerto Los Gatos

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