Tuesday, 4 March 2014

To San Evaristo and back...

On our third trip to "the islands", we finally made it up as far as San Evaristo, a small fishing village on the Baja peninsula 50 nm north of La Paz. (After two beautiful days on Isla Espiritu Santo in El Mezteno.) The San Evaristo anchorage was beautiful, and walking in/outside of the village we got to see some interesting "wildlife".

San Evaristo anchorage

San Evaristo

First, were the friendly dogs on the  beach, including one low-rider wearing a t-shirt. Next, walking on the road, Michelle exclaims "What was that bird? Was that really a roadrunner?" Yes, indeed, Michelle sights her first roadrunner, running along the dirt road. No Wiley Coyote following it. Too fast for our camera. Finally, a herd of burros, parents and 2 little ones -- all nervous of us.

Salt-drying area behind San Evaristo

Skittish young burros

Sea turtles were seen in all the anchorages

The tienda at San Evaristo was a little rustic but surprisingly well stocked. One can purchase potable water from the desalinization plant.

We next returned to Isla San Francisco (our previous trip we had 25-30 kn northerlies in the anchorage). Arrived to beautiful calm, sunny weather. Good for a swim then drinks with friends on Sound Discovery. But... yes, later that evening came the Coroumel southerly winds, straight into the anchorage. It was a very uncomfortable night; we are just not lucky with Isla San Francisco.

Sunset at Isla San Francisco (before the Coroumel...)

A little after 5am the next morning, we had visitors from SV Cahoots (Toronto) come over and join us to listen to the Men's Gold Medal Hockey game between Canada and Sweden. We had invited them over the day before for the 5am game. Bringing coffee, tea and cookies, Jim & Margaret knocked on our hull wondering why no lights were on. We were recovering from lack of sleep due to the Coroumel (and perhaps the Sound Discovery margaritas) so had slept in. Up we got, and we listened to Canada win the game.

[We have SiriusXM satellite radio, so were able to listen to the mens' and womens' hockey games. We LOVE our SiriusXM; allows us to stay in touch with home, listening to the CBC. ]

After the game, we quickly left Isla San Francisco for better protection at Caleta Partida (Isla Partida). Amazingly, we had an excellent sail most of the way, albeit with SW winds on the nose.  A couple days later, Chris and Alena (SV Green Panther) joined us. Then another couple nights at El Cardonal, including a good hike, then a last night at Caleta Lobos, near La Paz, before returning to the mayhem of carnaval.

Looking down at El Cardonal anchorage (Isla Partida)

Sam and Peter from SV Jugette (CS36 from Ladner, BC)

We went swimming at every anchorage. With the exception of the difficult night at Isla San Francisco, it was a very nice trip.

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