Saturday, 1 March 2014

Just returned from a trip up in the islands...

We have just returned to La Paz after another 9 nights up in "the islands". After 3 trips up there, we are getting to know the area (and, to a lesser extent, the weather) pretty well. Lots of marine life (including a whale swimming under Pelagia), white sandy beaches, swimming, and sunshine.

More details to come.

It is Carnaval here in La Paz: big time party along the malecon, with bands playing outside every block or two, tons of vendors, carny stands and rides and many, many many beer and booze vendors. Fireworks every night.. Daytime temperatures hot (30 deg C today).

Oh yeah, we made our decision: We will stay in the Sea of Cortez until we go to Mazatlan at the end of April, saving Puerto Vallarta and south for next season.

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