Monday, 17 March 2014

Delayed by a Norther...

We had intended to get away this weekend, for another trip north. But we've been delayed by a somewhat rare late-March "Norther" in the Sea of Cortez (and here in La Paz).

32 kn winds

The winds blew for about 20 hours. We saw gusts of 37 knots. Up north in the Sea, gusts up to 70 kn were seen. So, a good time to be tied-up securely in Marina Palmira.

At the docks in Marina Palmira -- checkout the seas out in the bay!
We will head out today or tomorrow (depending on the seas) for a couple of weeks, hopefully making it to Loreto.


  1. Wow! Glad you didn't leave before this mess started!

    1. In terms of max winds, it was worse than back in December! But at least it was relatively short. We waited out Monday (with the winds still ~15kn NE) and will go today (Tues). Nice and calm this morning. Hope the work is going well!