Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Relaxing in Agua Verde

Pelagia anchored at Agua Verde

Agua Verde (North anchorage)
Our anchor has been down here in Agua Verde for three nights, and it looks like it will continue to stay down for at least a 4th night. Our first night here it was a little crowded (6 boats), but they all left the next morning so we moved in and tucked in behind the reef; now we are pretty well protected. Not that there as been any wind for the past 3 nights -- quiet, starry nights with the only sound being the fish (more later). Only a couple boats here for past 2 nights.

The village of Agua Verde is quiet and seems friendly. Lots of walking can be done around here -- though it is pretty hot in the late morning/afternoon. There are two tiendas: one was open on Sunday and seemed reasonably well stocked. We purchased a large fish (huachinango perhaps) from fisherman. On Sunday, the "Templo Mar de Crystal" evangelical temple was hopping with its amplified preacher, music and singing; the nearby RC chapel seemed oddly quiet (but well-kept), with no one around -- but perhaps they had an earlier service?

Village of Agua Verde is at back, at base of mountains
Agua Verde

The fish? Well, around the boat are 10s of thousands of tiny fish, and the larger fish are constantly going after them. Often jumping out of the water with a loud splash. At night, there seem to be dozens of larger fish (at least 8-12 inches in length) around the boat. All night long, they bang along the bottom of the boat, sometimes making us jump at the noise.

Last night we viewed an object in the sky with what seemed to be flashing red lights. A plane? But it wasn't moving. UFO? We heard on the Sonrisa Net this morning that the red planet Mars should be very visible now here the Sea. So we think we've seen Mars.

Roca Solidaria at sunset
Roca Solidaria: looks like the Matterhorn rising from the sea (with guano instead of snow...)

Beautiful anchorage.

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